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The Process

What should I expect?

If you have ankle arthritis, avascular necrosis, or an osteochondral defect and need a consultation with one of our award-winning fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeons, here is the process.

If you have ankle arthritis, avascular necrosis, or an osteochondral defect and need a consultation with one of our award-winning fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeons, here is the process.

Step One

After you have decided to move forward, please gather your medical records from any previous surgeries or procedures.  This will assist in the group decision making process in your successful treatment pathway.  If you are coming in from out of town, you can send the records through the mail or fax. Please make sure to send CDs of MRIs or CTs directly to the specialty clinic.

Step Two

Set up your consultation!  To get the process going, you can either make an appointment online or call and speak to the East Coast Clinic or West Coast Clinic directly and they’d be more than happy to get you on the schedule.  Consultations can even be done REMOTELY or through TELEMEDICINE!  This allows an initial consultation after receiving films to be done quickly and thoroughly and saves money and time.

Step Three

After meeting with Dr. McAlister or Dr. Cottom, a decision may be then made to proceed with surgery.  A surgical planning visit is then made based on when your surgery will take place.  A surgical planning visit is typically done in person about a week out from surgery.  This allows you to prepare for your upcoming surgery in resort style Sarasota or Scottsdale!  Pre-operative labs and work up can be performed at this time or before arising.  Dr. McAlister’s and Dr. Cottom’s office have high quality, luxurious hotels that they have partnered with to make your surgical experience one of a kind!

Step Four

Day of Surgery! Your day to shine is now. The East and West Coast Clinic will prepare you for your specific surgery with details during your surgical planning visit.  Most of these procedures, especially total ankle replacements, total talus replacements, and complicated ankle cases will require a 1–2-night stay in the hospital.  Instructions will be given to you at that time as to your ability to bear weight, ice and elevate etc.

Step Five

Post-op recovery will typically require a stay of at least 7-10 days in either Scottsdale or Tampa.  During your post-operative visit, x-rays will be taken and your splint will be assessed.  Most of the follow-up after this first post-op visit can be done remotely.

If recovery in Scottsdale, Arizona or Tampa, Florida sounds relaxing to you, then please book an appointment today!

Reviews & Endorsements

“Doc was very nice and the staff was attentive to every thing the doc asked them to do, and to me too.”

– Brenda A.

Reviews & Endorsements


“Dr McAlister and his staff are amazing!! Probably one of the best experiences I have ever had with any physician/physician staff. They are all so kind and caring. I highly recommend Dr. McAlister for anyone that needs a foot or ankle doctor!!”

Felicia B.

Reviews & Endorsements


“Dr. McAlister was great! Very thorough…really took his time to explain the problem and the progression of treatment. His staff was wonderful, as well.”

– AnneMarie C.

Reviews & Endorsements


“Dr McAlister did a great job in fixing my foot. It will allow me to walk again normally. He is very confident and has great expertise. His staff was also great and were very conscious in their care and follow up. Thank You.”

– Leslie W.

Reviews & Endorsements


“Dr McAlister always listens to your issues & addresses them & offers solutions that work. I would highly recommend Dr McAlister for any foot problems you may be dealing with. He has helped me greatly.”

– Cynthia Z.

Reviews & Endorsements

“Very happy with Dr. McCalister and his office personel. Everyone are great to deal with. I had a total ankle replacement May 19th and am doing very well with it.”

– Cindy S.

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